The Way of the Mystic-Healer

The Mystic-Healer course is transpersonal development experienced through the medium of meditation, contemplation, prayer, shared experiences and trust in a safe and sacred place taking you deeper in your spiritual journey.

The Mystic-Healer journey is a life long spiritual growth and discovery process. To support this, we offer a year- long mentored program introducing you to the qualities of the Mystic-Healer. This program brings together the component parts of the Mystic-Healer and helps you explore, experience and embrace them in the context of your personal needs and experiences. You become your own Souls Apprentice discerning where your attention needs to be focused, as well as being a member of a community sharing the journey together. Half of the program is uniquely yours and the other half is shared with others. Each month builds on the previous month, inviting you to slowly, over time, change your life to be in alignment with your beliefs and to live in your deepest authenticity. This  course is the launch pad for you as Mystic-Healer.  

Launching 2020 is the Ordination program training you as a Community Minister for those who feel called to extend their spiritual journey into the community in a ministerial role.


The Mystic Healer - The course

Your Souls Apprentice

We are all different. For this reason, part of this program is determined by you and your needs. Some of the curriculum is set by you.  At the end of the course, the evaluation of your progress is done by you.  We are here to be witnesses to your journey and support you in whatever you discern as required. In this section you spend time with your mentor in discovering your inner challenges; how you might face, embrace and grow with them.  These become the curriculum for the Souls Apprentice part of the course which is an ongoing process in keeping with your discerned curriculum and mode of learning.

The `Conscious` Community Cafe

We share `cake and coffee` on-line, by phone or in person as we explore the values and qualities of living in Divine alignment in a small group setting.  This component will introduce the qualities that comprise the Mystical way of living in a supported community environment allowing us all to learn by the osmotic process of group experience. 

We will deepen our understanding and awareness of the power of the healing path as we explore one quality each month in the small group setting.  We will carry this quality with us into our day to day life and observe our experiences from a selection of suggested exercises and bring them back to the group to share them and reflect on them together.  We will look at what flows, the resistances, challenges and changes that this transformative process has on our daily lives. 

Your Support Network

Mentorship: 1:1 hour long monthly individual call to work on discerning your Souls Apprenticeship curriculum. 

Community Cafe: regular witnessing and support of the journey in a monthly led 1  hour conference call where you are part of a small cohort traveling together for a year. 

Weekly Peer Cafe:  weekly check in with the group in whatever format works for the group. 

Weekly questions intended to deepen your inner exploration and encourage full immersion into each quality, as well as regular journal work and activities to anchor any shifts in world view. 

Three-day retreat to bring the community together and offer depth of time for connection.



Students Requirements

  • Genuine desire to develop your spiritual path.
  • Emotional maturity.
  • Willingness to be deeply honest with yourself.
  • Capable of skype, Zoom  and conference calls
  • Willingness to share with others.
  • Time each day to focus on the course.
  • A sense of humour!

Ordination Year


It is exciting to announce...

There is now the opportunity to extend from the journey as a Mystic Healer into active Ministry as an ordained  Community Minister.  This involves ceremony, leading worship, pastoral care and all other aspects of ministry work extending and enhancing your work in conscious healing.

Course description

This year the  course is quite different from the previous year of the Mystic Healer, now the inner work has been initiated we spend time overtly extending this to others. You will learn how to hear others beliefs, create bespoke ceremonies,  meet and hear people where they are opening the door for each encounter to be a Holy Encounter.

The course explores: Ceremony,  creating all manner of services, leading worship and prayer, teaching meditation, pastoral care, creating and delivering workshops, placements in aspects of ministry to demystify the role. 

The Mystic-Healers ethos is opened outward in a practical manner: 

"Sees beyond the mask

hears beyond the words

and holds in unconditional love"

As so much of the course is practical there are ways we support you as you step into the reality of Ministry one of which is through placements giving hands on experience of many aspects of Ministry

For more information send an e-mail and we can plan a chat


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who sees the interrelatedness of all and the inclusion of the spiritual world as essential in ultimate healing. This is not addressed by attaining more knowledge, more tools and more ways to `do` things; it is addressed by activating the inner journey.

Why do it?  Why? The eternal question which, in this case, is answered by your sense of searching. If you are searching for more depth in all you do, a desire to `be` more than do, then this course is for you. It does not offer a qualification, the results are purely personal and will differ for everyone. You will leave with: greater self-awareness; an expanded worldview; deeper understanding of and experienced relationship with your God; friends to share this inner journey with through life.

Where is it held? The `Way of the Mystic-Healer` is an online course with a group of 4-6 members. There is a group retreat where all the groups meet as we pull everything together and conclude our year in sacred space.  




The Way of the Mystic-Healer UK

  September 2020 to June 2021

Dates to be confirmed

Due to the current situation the retreat will be held on line at the beginning of the course and, if we are able, we will meet in a `live` retreat at the end of the course.

Cost: £1,500 plus  all retreat costs

Ordination year:

Cost £1,500 plus retreat costs

The Way of the Mystic Healer, US Course

Retreat in Santa Cruz, CA 

Cost: $1800, Introductory offer $1250 excludes retreat room/board

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