How We Are

A Mystic-Healer is fully present, offering a quality of connection that transcends the separation of bodies. It is not what we do but how we do what we do and who we are that is the dynamic in the therapeutic relationship. It is the bedside manner to the power of ten!

Our aim is to embody our beliefs and live authentically. In homoeopathic terms, we offer a `potentised` presence whereby the interaction between client and mystic-healer can be the remedy itself.

The  Mystic Healer 

"Sees through the mask

hears beyond  words

and holds you in unconditional love"


Our Ethos & Ethics

The Mystic-Healer believes that : 

Ø We are all One, part of the Universal Source of All, God.

Ø Our purpose is healing through union.

Ø Every encounter is an opportunity for mutual healing.

Ø Forgiveness is a powerful healing dynamic.

Ø Deep and lasting healing takes place in the soul.

Ø Our daily goal is having every thought, word and action in divine alignment.

Ø Personal integrity is fully surrendering to the Divine.

We aim to live:

Ø In conscious and committed self-awareness.

Ø As honestly as awareness allows.

Ø With compassion for every living organism.

Ø In constant practice of forgiveness, of self and others.

Ø Committed to spiritual practice and growth.

Ø In the deepest integrity possible at all times.

Ø In Authenticity, with Reverence and as Simply as we can.


Who We Are

We are professionals and individuals interested in healing. We share the knowledge that our relationship with others is vital and have a deep desire and willingness to maximize this. 

It could be said that, `Life is a vehicle for relationships and relationships are the vehicle for the giving and receiving of love.'

The Mystic-Healer is anyone who wants to focus on all of their relationships and the giving and receiving of love. 


    In truth, we are everyman.