The Mystic-Healer

sees through masks

hears beyond words

holds in unconditional love and acceptance


The `How` of Healing

A Mystic is one who has transcended concepts and ideology for an experiential relationship with the Divine.

A Mystic-Healer comes from the Divine within to meet and merge with the Divine in everyone.

The goal of the healing journey is health: integration, wholeness and peace.

The Mystic–Healer course potentises the quality of YOU  in whatever healing modality you use. It opens the door to mystical transformation by joining you with others on the journey of mutual soul healing.


The `mystic` consciously chooses to live in deep unity with God.  The mystic knows she is part of the univocity of all, that we are each facets and reflections of the diamond of spirituality.

The Mystic –Healer chooses to extend his Divine relationship with God to others in a Holy encounter, in which both parties open their hearts to each other and allow the healing presence of the Divine to flow healing both equally. The Mystic-Healer's role is as midwife, supporting the process. 

The Mystic-Healer has her own professional skills which do not rest on knowledge alone, but on her `presence` with others.  The Mystic-Healer sees beyond the ego in all its guises; hears what the person is really saying and holds them in unconditional acceptance and compassion. 

No matter what tool we use, we can only take people to the level of our embodied integration of health and the healing dynamic. Our only responsibility is to our own spiritual and personal growth.

Our world view is the determinant of our definition of health. It represents not only our level of integration, but also our limitations in our ability to perceive the other clearly, no matter what tool we use.

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What We Offer



 "The Mystic-Healer "

Exploring the invisible world of healing that occurs when a practitioner consciously steps out of ego to allow the healing dynamic to flow between the practitioner and the client.

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Meditation CD;s to guide you into a deeper state of relaxation and mind focussing

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Healing Modalities

Our members offer a variety of ways in which to connect and allow healing dynamic to flow. From Bio-energy, Classical Homoeopathy, Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Counselling, Wisdom Working, Worship Services, Meditation Classes and Retreats.

Contact each member for individual approaches and for more information.

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